Get Ready to Tee Off: Comprehensive Wolf Golf Game Rules on Skins App


How To Play Wolf in Golf (and Win)

Are you ready to up your golf game and add some excitement to your next round? Look no further than the Wolf golf game, a popular format that adds a fun twist to your typical 18 holes. In this article, we will break down the rules of the Wolf game, and show you how to play using the Skins App. So, grab your clubs and let’s dive in!

What is the Wolf Golf Game?

The Wolf game is a golf format that allows players to compete individually and as a team throughout the round. The game rotates the order in which players tee off, with one player acting as the “Wolf” on each hole. The Wolf can choose to be a lone wolf or partner with another player, creating dynamic partnerships and rivalries as the round progresses.

How to Play Wolf Golf on Skins App

  1. Setting Up the Game: Before teeing off, designate the first Wolf for the opening hole. The order of the Wolf will rotate on each hole, keeping the game interesting and strategic.

  2. Scoring: The Wolf can choose to be a lone wolf against the other players or partner with any player for the hole. If the Wolf wins the hole, they receive points equivalent to the number of players they were against. If the Wolf loses, the other players each receive a point.

  3. Rotation: The role of the Wolf shifts on each hole, creating opportunities for different partnerships and strategies throughout the round.

  4. Betting: Players can add a betting element to the game, wagering on individual holes or overall scores to add another layer of excitement.

  5. Using the Skins App: The Skins App provides a platform for players to track scores, manage rotations, and even add side bets for an enhanced gaming experience.

Tips for Success in Wolf Golf

  • Choose your Partners Wisely: Knowing when to be a lone wolf or partner up can make or break your round.

  • Pay Attention to Rotations: Stay on top of the rotation order to strategize your moves and partnerships effectively.

  • Practice your Skills: Hone your golf skills to ensure you can hold your own as a lone wolf when the pressure is on.



The Wolf Golf Game Rules offers a unique and thrilling way to enjoy the game of golf with friends. By following the rules and utilizing the Skins App for tracking and organization, you can take your next round to the next level. So, gather your golf buddies, download the app, and get ready to tee off in the exciting world of Wolf golf!

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