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From Dreams to Reality: The Path to Owning DVC Points



Are you someone who has ever dreamt of vacationing at world-class resorts like never before? Disney Vacation Club (DVC) can turn your dreams into reality. It’s not just a vacation; it’s an experience that lets you create magical memories at Disney resorts and beyond. This article is your guide to transforming your dreams into reality as we explore the process of buying DVC points.

Why Buy DVC?

DVC, Disney’s innovative vacation ownership program, offers a gateway to the magic of Disney, but it’s not just about Mickey and Minnie. Owning DVC points means gaining access to an array of luxurious Disney resorts, and, thanks to a partnership with RCI, thousands of vacation destinations worldwide. The flexibility of choosing when and where to travel is just the beginning. When you buy DVC points, you invest in unforgettable experiences and an opportunity to forge a lifetime of memories with your loved ones.

The Path to Owning DVC Points

The process of becoming a DVC member is simpler than you might think. Firstly, do your research. Learn about DVC, its resorts, and the various perks that come with ownership. Once you’re convinced that DVC is the right choice for you, it’s time to decide how many points you want to buy. This decision depends on your vacation preferences, group size, and the resorts you desire to visit.

Secondly, you’ll need to consider your budget and financing options. DVC points can be expensive, but there are financing options available. Carefully assess your financial situation and decide how you’ll cover the cost of your points. Keep in mind that there will be annual dues, so be prepared for those expenses as well.

Lastly, contact a reputable DVC resale broker. They will assist you in finding the best DVC resale listings that suit your preferences. Make sure to thoroughly review the contracts, understand the terms, and clarify any doubts you may have. Once you’ve made your decision and the transaction is complete, you’ll become an official DVC member, unlocking a world of magical vacation possibilities.


Becoming a Disney Vacation Club member is not just a financial decision; it’s a lifestyle choice that opens up a world of magical experiences for you and your family. From exploring Disney’s top-notch resorts to discovering new destinations worldwide, owning DVC points provides a pathway to unforgettable adventures. So, take the leap from dreams to reality and embark on your journey towards owning DVC points. Your next magical vacation could be just around the corner, and it all starts with the decision to buy DVC.

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